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    We can repair even the most difficult damage
    of your device and where the other technicians
    "raised their hands" we will succeed.
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In Easyservice we price and buy Laptop Mobile Phones Παιχνιδομηχανές


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In case you aggree with the repair cost and EasyService proceeds with the repair of your device, you don't pay any shipping costs....

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Free Receipt/Delivery everywhere in Greece!

Online Repair Tracking

Online Repair Tracking system!

Best prices in Greece

Take advantage of the best prices in Greece

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Choose between original and OEM repair Parts

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Repairs in record time

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Repair Warranty

Take advantage of our repair Warranty

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"On Site" Repairs. Repairs at your space

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Did they tell you that your laptop cannot be repaired???


We can repair even the most difficult damage and when other technicians ‘raised their hands’’ we will succeed. Forget the troubles that your damaged device would bring.

Did your mobile laptop macair iPhone play-3 broke down? Submit a Repair Request!

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Over 220000! customers have trusted us.

Your mobile phone or your laptop is getting old??


How would you like if you could bring your old laptop and we change it with another product or even give you cash??

Modern Robotic Equipment

Who we are

We offer the latest technology's advanced machinery and equipment for upgrades, Rework Systems, Robotic Repair IC, Joint-Detachment Infrared Systems, professional ultrasonic baths, heaters, hot air stations and technicians with 10 years of experience specializing in repairs for mobile phones, game consoles and computers - notebooks and over 5,000 parts available anytime. We can repair even the most difficult damage of your device and where the other technicians "raised their hands" we will succeed. Forget the trouble of repairing your device... Now EasyService will deliver it to you, in a few days (as long as the repair parts are in stock) repaired with written warranty for the parts that are used and the repair.

- Repairs of detached parts because of overheating or falls
- Repair RROD, YLOD, Replacement of Read Mechanisms and many other damages in game consoles
- Repair problematic optical read systems (Lasers, Lens,...)
- Advanced Rework SMD / BGA / Reballing
- Repair Motherboards, Repair graphic cards
- Robotic Repair of IC
- Change Language
- Unlock User Password
- Unlock Network
- Repair or replacement of mechanical parts like read mechanisms(lens-laser), microphones, keyboards, cameras, speakers, frames,...
- Repair or replacement of electrical parts like screens, connectors, battery contact, charger contact, Hands free contact,...
- Successfull motherboard cleaning from humidity
- Repair cutted cables