Damaged and Non Functional Desktops service

Damaged and Non Functional Desktops service

Device Description

At EasyService we can buy your damaged Desktop! Just bring it to us and a specialized group of technicians will assess the damage will give you a matching price.

As the electronics market keeps growing, more and more old and broken Desktopare stuck in our possession. But these Desktops can help in the repair of others. We at EasyService believe in electronics Recycling.

Step 1: You send us or you give us in store your old device 
Step 2: We evalluate the value of your device 
Step 3: You take the value of your old device in cash or as a discount for your purchase.

Bring it to us , so you can help to recycle electronics

Repair Request with One Click!
  • Always:

    • Quality
    • Reliability
    • Rsponsibly
    • Respecting the Client
    • Free Shipping
    • Free Checking
    • Extra Discount for multiple repairs
    • Άμεση Επισκεύη με ραντεβού
    • Original (genuine) parts


Free shipping from/to all over Greece!!

In case you aggree with the repair cost and EasyService proceeds with the repair of your device, you don't pay any shipping costs....