HTC Smartphone Repair service

HTC Smartphone Repair service

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EasyService repaits your favorite HTC mobile or smartphone quick, reliable and always with the best price. We try to complete the repair in the shortest time. We know that your HTC device is a valuable tool in your daily life and you want to be repaired as soon as possible.

Izi does everything Easy! Izi likes to repair HTC devices !

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We can replace any part of HTC Smartphone that has been broken or damaged. If you find yourself in a position where your HTC smartphone needs repair or technical support, then it will be our pleasure to offer our services. If you accidentaly exposed to water ( liquids ) your HTC device, if the touch screen (touch screen - digitizer) is broken, if the lcd screen is broken, if  your device not charging or generally if your HTC has a malfunction or a strange behaviour, then you're in the right spot. EasyService is always here. Our company will take over all operations for the immediate restoration without even need your slightest move from your place. We specialize in repairing HTC SmartPhones damaged by water or even complicated problems in the motherboard.

Even if you've been told that your favorite HTC device cannot be repaired, in almost all cases here in EasyService we can fix it!

We offer a comprehensive range of services with a wide range of original spare parts, solving any problem quickly and professionally, so you will not miss a single moment, always with the quality, reliability of EasyService.

If you're like us, you will know how important the proper functioning of your favorite HTC device is, the time that you need it. We use daily and for many years HTC devices and we will do anything needed in order to be repaired perfectly offering every time best value for money.

In EasyService, we know this well and we are next to you, always near you so do not worry !

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  • Always:

    • Quality
    • Reliability
    • Rsponsibly
    • Respecting the Client
    • Free Shipping
    • Free Checking
    • Extra Discount for multiple repairs
    • Άμεση Επισκεύη με ραντεβού
    • Original (genuine) parts


Free shipping from/to all over Greece!!

In case you aggree with the repair cost and EasyService proceeds with the repair of your device, you don't pay any shipping costs....